Targeted Signups

Written by Jill Morrison
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Targeted signups are business leads that focus on specific categories. Business leads are necessary for keeping companies stable and promoting growth in sales revenue. Signups are the best type of leads because you know that the client is interested in your business prior to contact.

Characteristics of Targeted Signups
Targeted Signups consist of people who have expressed interest in your type of business. These people will submit information about themselves in order to receive business information. It may be free to be on the sign up list, but if you would like to acquire signups as leads, you will surely have to pay for them.

Most signup services have pre-screened clients that reside in the USA. They are guaranteed contactable by name, address, email, and phone. If signups prove to be non-contactable, they will be replaced quickly with no additional charge.

Targeted Signups are commonly used in email marketing services. These services will locate your leads, contact them by email, and direct them to your website. Email Blast is a popular program that offers to email exclusive leads for a low price.

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