Tv Production

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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TV production can be prohibitively expensive, but when lead generation services enter the picture, costs on all fronts are kept low. While each TV commercial is unique and so a flat rate cannot be given, rates for producing a TV commercial run about 30 percent below the traditional average rate. Generally, TV spots run 30 or 60 seconds; you can either hire the advertising agency to write and produce your commercial, or you can use your own completed ad.

With the surge in infomercials in recent years, consider this longer form of commercial if you have a line of products, such as cosmetics. Infomercials often have testimonials, and they spend considerable time on illustrating how to use the products effectively. Another popular subject for these long commercials is kitchen items. Various kinds of ovens and cookware are demonstrated to show what a great job they do in the kitchen.

Per Inquiry TV

TV production is definitely called for in these situations where the product needs to be demonstrated and the results shown. Advertising on TV is more expensive than on radio--if you use the traditional approach of buying airtime from the networks. Buying time on prime time is for rich corporations, but any-size business can afford to pay for results only.

Per inquiry TV advertising means you only pay for the number of inquiries that come into the toll-free phone number displayed on the TV screen during your commercial. Buying airtime is expensive because you are paying for the TV production and programming costs of the station or network. If you avoid these exorbitant costs by paying only for inquiries, you can let your commercial run as often as possible.

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