Tv Spots

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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TV spots are costly endeavors when done in the conventional way. The increasing popularity of per inquiry methods, however, illustrates the cost-effectiveness of advertising using this money-saving approach. Affordable and economical, lead generation services allow low-budget businesses to enter competitive ads on television.

In addition, these advertising agencies have access to 46 national television networks and the best 250 markets from cable TV companies across the country! TV spots produced by these agencies are developed using their expertise based on years of experience with television commercials. Having made commercials for some of the best-known businesses and organizations in the United States, these agencies are in a position to create an impressive ad for your business.

Time Frame for Production

Radio commercials can be finished in three to five days, but TV spots take much longer. In urgent circumstances, a TV commercial can be produced in 14 business days, but three-four weeks is preferred to create a top-quality ad. At about 30 percent of the average market rate, prices range from $15,000 to $25,000 for a standard-length commercial.

For any business, start-up or rich corporation, per inquiry advertising agencies offer a great way to engage in low-risk advertising. What business manager wouldn't love to pay just for results? With an agency to handle an ad campaign from start to finish, and broadcast charges limited to inquiries that come in, per inquiry advertising provides businesses with invaluable professional services.

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