Direct Response Lawyer Advertising

Written by Robert Mac
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Direct response lawyer advertising is a type of marketing more interested in eliciting an immediate response than eliciting an order. For instance, a potential customer might respond to a direct response ad by asking for more information or inquiring about an offer the ad made for, say, a free gift. The goal of direct response lawyer advertising is to generate leads for future business.

Maximizing Direct Response Lawyer Advertising Pays Off

Advertising for anything is a tricky business, as each product or service appeals to different demographics in different markets. We've become a consumer-based society, too, so the novelty of advertising wears off quickly. Today's purchasers are a savvy lot, and a concerted ad campaign is much more successful than a simple one.

Like most other service-based industries, the legal profession has a competitive market; many companies are vying for the attention of potential new clients. To increase the odds of direct response lawyer advertising, many firms use ad agencies that only market law firms. They know the language of the industry, how to keep the ads up to the professional standards of the American Bar Association, and--most importantly--how to draw out responses from potential clients.

Plus, agencies that specialize in legal marketing are usually as thorough as lawyers themselves. Not only can they create a brand image and logo for a firm or lawyer (pre-production) and create ads for TV, radio, print, and the Web (production), but a top-of-the-line agency will even track those ads to make sure they are hitting their intended audiences (post-production). These full-service agencies are sure to elicit direct responses from potential clients, and turn them into regular clients.

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