Lawyer Advertising Agencies

Written by Robert Mac
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Lawyer advertising agencies promote attorneys through a number of channels. For instance, a lawyer might appeal to certain demographics via radio and TV, but use printed media (bus stop benches to brochures to Yellow Pages) to reach a different audience. Also, the rise of the Internet makes web-based marketing an important consideration, too.

"Thanks, but we already have a 'web guy' who takes care of our site." One advantage of lawyer advertising agencies is they consolidate all your media under one roof. Instead of sending off your logo and PR materials to your "web guy" and the "newspaper guy" and the printer, an agency that specializes in the marketing of lawyers can handle and coordinate every aspect of your marketing.

Lawyer Advertising Agencies Put Everything Together for You

By consolidating all your media, lawyer advertising agencies not only simplify your marketing, but make sure everything about your firm is consistent throughout your print, TV, radio, and web-based ads. Having, say, three companies handle your image means three times as much paperwork and three slightly different images of what you really want to project. One agency means one voice.

A full-service ad agency will not only build ads from the ground up, but also work the other end, too: they track your ads and analyze how they worked. By tracking your ads, an agency can see what's working and make critical adjustments so your marketing is more efficient. It's a very competitive market, and any advantage you get means more business for your firm.

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