Multi Level Marketing For Lawyers

Written by Robert Mac
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Multi level marketing for lawyers is crucial in the competitive legal arena. You've seen ads everywhere--buses, billboards, brochures, plus radio, TV, and the Internet--because law firms need to stay in the public eye. The old-school method of referring lawyers to friends and family has become obsolete in our commerce-centric culture.

Ever since lawyers have been allowed to advertise (in 1977, the Supreme Court reversed a ban on lawyers ads), the stakes have continued to climb. In 2003 alone, lawyers spent nearly $400 million on advertising. Ad agencies using multi level marketing for lawyers get information about their clients out through many venues: print, media, and web-based sources.

Multi Level Marketing for Lawyers Gets the Message to Everyone

As our society becomes more and more inundated with advertisements--we see more than 3000 a day--we become numb to their effects. So advertisers have to become more savvy to get their message across. Instead of using one channel of marketing, say billboards, agencies have to use as many channels as possible.

On average, it takes about a dozen viewings of an ad before the message sticks, and the more various methods of delivering that ad the better. For instance, 12 billboard ads won't be as effective as four ads each via radio, TV, and newspaper. A good ad agency will craft multi level marketing to be as effective as possible, and then track the success of those ads afterwards.

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