Personal Injury Law Firms

Written by Robert Mac
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Personal injury law firms compete in a very aggressive marketplace. Ever since a landmark Supreme Court decision in the late 70s, the prime focus of personal injury law firms--and some would argue the entire legal profession--has shifted. Once, law firms were community-based professionals. Over the decades, those communities have grown exponentially. These days, a word-of-mouth referral isn't as effective.

Advertising for lawyers has increased over the years and it's not surprising to see why. With the population growing as rapidly as it is, it is much harder for a lawyer to reach people and to notify them of his or her services. And as more and more law firms market over the Web, pinpointing the exact demographics they are aiming for, the more competitive the industry becomes. Firms that didn't market themselves in the past are finding they have to today just to keep their name recognizable to the public.

Personal Injury Law Firms Changed Focus after Supreme Court Ruling

In 1977, the Supreme Court ruled in the Bates v. State Bar of Arizona that, after two-thirds of a century of being illegal, ads for lawyers were indeed legal. Many law firms started advertising right away. Eventually, the entire profession would follow. Competition was escalating and the population in communities was ever-increasing.

The reality is that law firms are service providers, and as service providers they need to advertise their services to attract customers. Unlike other service providers, however, lawyers are still expected to follow advertising guidelines suggested by the American Bar Association. The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain a level of professionalism as well as to prevent any over-the-top advertisements.

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