Personal Injury Marketing

Written by Robert Mac
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Personal injury marketing is everywhere you look: on billboards, the backs of buses, radio, TV and in newspapers. For about 70 years, though, legal advertising was illegal. The American Bar Association banned all lawyer advertising and the states adopted guidelines, controlling the behavior of the legal community. It wasn't until 1977 that the Supreme Court ruled the ban unconstitutional, letting lawyers advertise their services.

Prior to this ruling, lawyers had to rely on referrals for acquiring new clients. This was the style of the time. Times, however, have changed.

Personal Injury Marketing Is a Sign of the Times

Still, personal injury marketing (and all legal marketing, for that matter) has to follow guidelines imposed by the American Bar Association. The letter of the law has changed, but the spirit has not: the ads are required to be professional, dignified, and clear of all possible misunderstanding. And as the world of advertising changes--the Internet can pinpoint specific groups quite easily--the ABA must update their guidelines to reflect the changing times.

In order to make sure that your advertisements are professional as well as effective, you'll need professional help. There are certain methods of advertising that can really help your business and there are other methods that won't. You may or may not know what these methods are. Either way, you should seek the help of advertising professionals who specialize in the law profession. Such professionals will be able to work with you to create an advertising campaign that will help you garner more business. These professionals work in print and television media. Some even work in web design. With a great marketing firm, you can have all of your advertising needs, including website design, taken care of.

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