Print Advertising For Lawyers

Written by Robert Mac
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Print advertising for lawyers might not seem as glamorous as radio or television advertising, but it's the most popular method of marketing for the legal community. In fact, more attorneys use the Yellow Pages than any other medium, and that's just one type of print advertising for lawyers. Don't forget billboards, direct mail, brochures and newspaper ads.

A complete marketing program should include print advertising with other forms of marketing, too. Used alone, print advertising for lawyers--for example, brochures or newsletters--won't have much effect. It needs to be used in conjunction with multi-media marketing as well to truly be effective.

Print Advertising for Lawyers Is Part of a Larger Program

Yes, a lawyer could use only printed ads and manage to increase his or her name recognition, but a serious marketing program works on many levels. Ad agencies that specialize in lawyer marketing use a combination of media: TV, radio, and the Internet are larger tools used with print advertising, which is generally a smaller--yet, still important--tool. Lawyers are in a very competitive market and need their advertising to be as effective as possible.

An advertising agency can be a great help to a lawyer looking to put together a print ad. Not only can they generate a logo--a list of diplomas is important, but no longer enough--but they can figure out exactly where to position your ads. More importantly, a good agency will follow-up and track the effectiveness of the ad, correcting its placement to make it as effective as it can be.

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