Trial Lawyer Marketing

Written by Robert Mac
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Trial lawyer marketing has to appeal to prospective clients shopping for an attorney. You can't just place an ad in the paper and expect it to attract clients. Your ad has to be effective and strategically placed such that it targets the right audience.

An aimless ad will be useless to your practice because it will fail to speak to your ideal demographic. In order to be successful, you will need an entire ad campaign that uses print media, television, radio and even the Internet. The more places your ad is seen, the more effective it will be.

Many lawyers have hired marketing firms for their ad campaign needs. There are marketing firms that specialize in lawyer advertising. These firms will know exactly what audiences to target when creating your advertisements. The target audience for a print ad will be different than the target audience for a television. These firms have this knowledge and will use it to your advantage.

Be Sure Your Marketing Firm Knows of the ABA Guidelines

There are also guidelines set by the American Bar Association that lawyers are expected to follow. A quality marketing firm will know about these guidelines and will use them. The firm will keep your advertisements professional and as effective as possible by tracking how successfully certain ads perform in specific markets.

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