Trial Lawyers

Written by Robert Mac
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Trial lawyers, like all other lawyers, were banned from advertising on TV, radio, or any other medium for decades. They were finally allowed to promote their services in 1977. While lawyers considered themselves professionals, they also realized that their profession was dependent on advertising. Simple word-of-mouth referrals was no long going to be effective enough.

Trial Lawyers Can Advertise Today, But with Restrictions

Lawyers can now advertise their services, but the ABA has guidelines that they are strongly encouraged to follow, and individual states have their own regulations. For instance, lawyers cannot appear in their own ads in some states, and claims about what they can accomplish are closely monitored. The ABA also encourages professionalism in advertising to maintain the dignity of the profession.

A good advertising agency will know the various state rules and regulations that exist, pertaining to lawyer advertisements. Furthermore, they will also provide nothing less than the most dignified advertisements to their clients. Good agencies are effective because they have been in the business for years. They know what good marketing is and how to apply it to the law profession.

When searching for an ad agency, be sure to do your research. Read about the company's history and try and review customer testimonials, if possible. Make sure that there is contact information that will put you through to a live person during business hours. Also, make sure that you are involved in the advertising process. An effective agency will want your advertisement to reflect you and your business.

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