Email Newsletters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Email newsletters are the ideal supplement to any company's website. It's been said before that email newsletters are the gregarious, assertive partners in a relationship, while the sites themselves are the easy-going, often passive types. In other words, you may find a few web surfers stumbling upon your site and even doing business there, but without an active second partner, you'll never maximize your business.

The two really work ideally hand in hand. The best email newsletters--that is, those with the most compelling content--are useless if the site they direct their recipients to isn't well designed and ready to handle online transactions. By the same token, a dazzling site with dynamite graphics and witty copy will sit largely unnoticed unless someone or something helps drive traffic its way--and that something is the email newsletter.

A Bit about Email Newsletters

There are countless email newsletters out there. Some harangue and harass their recipients so mercilessly that they finally cave in and buy something just to end the torment. Most experts in marketing agree, however, that annoying your customers to death is a poor business strategy. It is the other type of newsletter that pays the highest dividends to its originator--the content-driven letter.

By placing your emphasis on quality content above all else, you gain credibility in an increasingly competitive and distracting market. You can still incorporate ads, of course, but you can do so in a way that makes them look seamless and inoffensive. Newsletters that do this and avoid all the spinning, whirring, flashing graphics tend to win repeat subscribers as well as word-of-mouth and email referrals.

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