Family Newsletter Services

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Family newsletter services are a relatively new phenomenon in the Internet Age, but one with an obvious appeal. As more and more families are spread out by a global economy and a fluctuating job market, it's harder and harder to stay in touch with those you love. Family newsletter services can help you bridge the gap created by thousands of miles of ocean or continent with timely updates on the doings of all their members.

Anyone who's ever written a "group" email to his or her mother, father, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, wife, husband, and cousins has already crafted makeshift family newsletters. Now imagine that instead of simply sending funny jokes, political rants, and links to sites, you can build your own organic message from scratch. The best part about family newsletter services is that they don't require you to know the first thing about HTML or any other computing languages.

How Family Newsletter Services Work

There's only so much any newsletter service can do on its own without your help. As the client, it's your job to supply your service with the news you wish to convey. You may have births, deaths, or anniversaries to commemorate. You may have taken a new job or even received a promotion in your old one--all newsworthy events.

Family newsletter services work with you, the information source, to get the news in shape in a way that meets your satisfaction. It's never your job to actually write the newsletter in question, merely to give your service the constituent parts with which to make an intelligible whole. The company can then add graphics, icons, links, banners, messages, or anything else you wish to shout out to your loved ones.

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