Internet Marketing Ebook

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Pick up a few internet marketing ebooks and you'll find striking similarities between them. For the most part, these are less primers on internet marketing than they are MLM or multi-level marketing scams. Part of the tragedy of this is that there are in fact legitimate ways to make extra money online as a web marketer.

So what exactly will your internet marketing ebook tell you? Namely, that you can build overnight wealth by recruiting other get-rich-quick types to pick up your slack. They, in turn, will have to find still others to pick up the slack for them, and so on down the line until you're one of the few making money off the "pyramid." Instead of taking these offers hook, line, and sinker, do the extra research and identify those marketing companies that offer legitimate avenues toward wealth.

A Reputable Internet Marketing Ebook

The best internet marketing ebooks will come right out and say what the Ponzi schemes will not, namely that it's possible, even probable, that you won't be one of the winners in the online low-cost marketing game. For one thing, internet advertising requires hard work. If you enjoy having nights and weekends to spend with your family or your drinking buddies, you may want to explore alternative wealth-building tacks.

Second, "guerilla" advertising plans require startup capital. While this is generally a nominal amount, the mere threat of a cash outlay is enough to sour the majority of takers, many of whom are already skeptical from square one. Nowhere is the old adage "It takes money to make money" more applicable than in the realm of low-cost MLM operations, so expect an initial fee regardless of whom you're working with.

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