Newsletter Ideas

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Newsletter ideas may run the gamut from personal to corporate, fun and frivolous to deadly serious. Some newsletter ideas are prompted by a nascent interest in a new phenomenon. In just the past year or two, cuddle parties, flash mobs, and boba tea have all begun to gain a following. There may or may not be newsletters already pertaining to each of these new fads, but odds are that within a year or so there will be.

Take flash mobs as one example. The goal of organizing hundreds or even thousands of people in a clandestine fashion to show up at a famous historical landmark or well-traveled thoroughfare to engage in strange or eccentric activities en masse poses some obvious logistical challenges. In this case, a newsletter might serve as more than just a document for fans of the pastime; it may be effectively used as an organizational tool as well.

Brainstorming Newsletter Ideas

The lesson of postmodernism is that, indeed, everything's already been done. It's therefore difficult to come up with any wholly original idea, for newsletters as well as novels, plays, music, or films. The only real choice is to take a new direction on an already established idea or else combine two extant ideas into one new one.

That's not to say all newsletter ideas arrived at in this fashion will, by default, be unheralded successes. A newsletter dedicated to fans of underwater bungee jumping won't garner nearly as much interest as those tailored to scuba divers and bungee jumpers respectively. Once a new fad does come to dominate the marketplace, though, it's a safe bet that a crop of newsletters will pop up to fill its demand.

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