Real Estate Newsletters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Real estate newsletters tend to have more regional readerships than do many other types of letters. This is because real estate is, at its core, a local business that looks to neighborhood and city-wide trends, not national demographics. Hence, the contents of real estate newsletters in New York, Florida, Arizona, and Washington are likely to look markedly different--at least to some extent.

While the pronounced regional differences from market to market will affect the specifics of the newsletters circulating there, the themes and concepts tend to remain the same. Buyers and sellers in every market need reliable metrics on homes that have sold or listed as well as stats on interest rates and new mortgage products. These same real estate entrepreneurs will need to track the movements of populations into and out of major cities, suburbs, and rural areas as well. All of this is info that good real estate newsletters will contain.

More Contents of Real Estate Newsletters

A lot of newsletters also offer advice and tips from industry professionals such as those who have sold homes for 10, 20, 30 years or more. Often, these are the best sources of secrets and strategies, as long-time players in the game have presumably witnessed both booms and busts (and have learned from both). Never assume that just because a newsletter is free that its contents are disposable. In some instances you may be throwing away valuable information.

Finally, real estate newsletters, like any industry publications, are great means by which to network. Even if you're a broker who's in competition with other brokers, you may end up meeting motivated buyers and sellers through your newsgroup. Similarly, if you're a buyer or seller, you might come across a developer or financier who can help you with your next deal.

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