School Newsletters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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School newsletters are one way that teachers and administrators can keep in touch with concerned parents and those who simply take an interest in local education. There are school newsletters aimed at parents of elementary-, junior-high-, and high-school-aged students, specific grade levels, entire schools, and even school districts. Each is a proven method of helping to maintain a sense of community.

It is this community that is at the heart of successful educational policy. By keeping parents apprised of new developments in curriculum, sources of funding, cafeteria menus, after-school programs, and so forth, these school newsletters ensure that they get the information their kids may not disclose. Any parent who's ever received a shy shrug or simply silence in response to a "So, how was your day?" or "What did you learn today?" query is already familiar with this phenomenon.

The Contents of School Newsletters

School newsletters often supplement information sources like PTA meetings, school newspapers, and minutes from local school board meetings. As such, they contain updates on business matters such as zoning, budget, and curricular matters. Not all newsletters are that dry, though; it's just as likely that they'll trumpet the latest victories of their varsity and junior varsity sports squads or advertise an upcoming theatrical production.

There are passages of newsletters that are also reserved for outstanding scholarly achievement. A given newsletter might boast the latest scholarship candidates, college acceptances, and city- and statewide standouts as well. Debate teams, outward-bound troupes, and volunteer groups organized by the schools may also publish news of their recent triumphs.

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