Direct Mail Strategies

Written by Wes Farrell
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Direct mail strategies are hard to come by. What makes a person read one advertisement and not another? What hasn't already been done before? The key is to have eye-catching phrases that offer great prizes or a really good picture that people can relate to, or perhaps laugh at.

Direct Mail Strategies to Reach a Target Audience

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly direct mail is. I'm sure you've seen those ads you get in the mail on postcards that offer you great prizes or a specific deal. That's what direct mail is. It's a way to selectively target a specific group of consumers through the mail.

Let's face it--spam e-mail is on its way out. No one even checks spam anymore because they get so much garbage e-mail. The only good way to reach consumers is through snail mail, using good direct mail strategies. So if you're trying to increase your business revenue, the best way to proceed would be with direct mail. If you prefer a less far-flung approach, you could always selectively target your repeat customers for a higher chance of success.

Direct mail is a lot more affordable than you'd think. It's actually a lot cheaper than hiring market researchers to find you specific email groups. Specifying a certain target group (based on age or income levels, for example) is actually very difficult and marketing agents are very expensive. Why not give direct mail strategies a try?

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