Full Color Postcards

Written by Wes Farrell
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Getting full color postcards in the mail is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You know you have someone out there who cares enough about you to write you a great postcard. It's also not often when you get something in the mail that's on a personal level, which makes it an even better feeling.

Full Color Postcards Can Be Inexpensive to Create

Full color postcards are extremely cheap and can make anyone feel great. It's hard to find anything else that can put a smile on a friend or family member's face quite like a personalized postcard. When you're on a vacation, you always have to bring a list of your friends or family who you're going to write to. But what about creating your own postcards, and sending them at random to friends and family members? You could send them on special occasions, or just because.

If you designed your own postcards and had them created by a professional full color postcards company, you'd have high-quality glossy cards to send to your friends when they graduate, get new jobs, or find a new boyfriend/girlfriend. For no reason at all, you could send a card to someone who needs a pick-me-up and make his or her day.

If this idea appeals to you, it's not as hard to do as you think. There are many companies with an online presence who would be happy to work with you and design a postcard that reflects your personality. The more you order, the less expensive your full color postcards will be. Keep a stockpile at hand, because you'll never know who will need to be cheered up!

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I created a pscaotrd in Microsoft Publisher. Is there a printing service (such as Kinko's) that will print these off for me? I am trying to avoid printing these off on my home printer then cutting them down to the official USPS pscaotrd size (this is what we did last year). We only need about 100 printed, but don't have the time to use an online service (they need to be mailed by Friday). Don't bother telling me I should have planned ahead - this is for my parents who like to wait until the last minute. Can addresses be merged into Publisher instead of typing each one in?