Written by Wes Farrell
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If you have a crush on a girl, there's no better time than Valentine's Day to tell her how much you care about her--send her a Valentine and tell her how you really feel. It's really difficult for a lot of people to express their love in person. The best way to do so is through a card or postcard. Writing down your feelings is often a lot easier than expressing yourself in person.

Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Postcards in general are such special gifts. Whenever you receive a postcard, you know there's someone out there who cares enough about you to write you a little something. Getting personal mail is a rarity these days.

Being far away from your loved one is really hard, especially on a day like Valentine's Day. Show your significant other how much you love her with a gift and a postcard valentine. You can express how much you truly love her in words so she'll always be able to treasure what you wrote her.

Many people say romance is dead. I like to think that it's just in hibernation. There aren't enough people out there who like to express how they feel through words. Sending someone a valentine postcard is like writing her a little poem telling her the things you love about her. Those tiny idiosyncrasies of hers may seem insignificant in general, but are precious to you. This tells her that she means the world to you.

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Just a note about a problem I have with Discover card and it's biillng practices. I received a statement on 26 June 2010 for $808.34, wrote the check and put it in the mail the same day. On 22 July (one whole month later) I get my next statement saying I owe over $54.00 in late fees and interest. After phoning the toll free number, I find out that the $808.34 was actually payed, but not posted until 2 days AFTER the latest statement was mailed. Isn't it a miracle that my payment of $808.34 was found and posted just a little bit later than the last statement mailed (by 1 day actually). I know the postal system is slow, but not so slow that it takes over 3 weeks to get to their biillng department and get processed. I was warned that this type of rip off was happening to customers who payed their entire bill off each month on time, but didn't think much about it at the time. Of course there is no way to prove my accusations. I know it is a scam, and have mailed my letter of complaint to Discover, but don't hold much hope for reconcilliation. Let the byer beware. Check your statements each month.Oh, and by the way, I AM one of those people who have never made a late payment in my life, and always pay my bill in it's entirety each month. I guess if they can't make a profit one way, they will make it another.