Badge Holders

Written by James Lyons
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It's often the little things that make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to business. Forgetting to recognize an employee for her stellar performance during a weekly meeting might seem innocuous, but it could have long-term negative consequences. Misspelling a few words in a yearly stockholder's report can send a message of incompetence and lack of attention to detail.

If your company is having a career fair, it needs to do things that will set it apart from the other companies participating in the fair. If you want to attract the best and the brightest, you have to get their attention. Good candidates know what they are looking for and they want to work with companies that exude a certain image. They are looking at everything from the company brochure to the hiring manager's badge holder.

Getting Good Candidates

Early in my career, I was considered one of those sought-after candidates. I had all the credentials--Ivy League education, good grades, ambition, references, etc. I was interviewing employers as much as they were interviewing me. I looked at everything during an interview. I looked at the employee badge holders because, to me, that said something about the company in general. Everything says something about the company.

What message is your company delivering? Do you know? When candidates come in, what impression do you think they have? These are confronting questions. You might not like the answers. Are you perceived as cheap and oblivious or thorough and aware? Take a look at everything and ask yourself, "Is this consistent with the image we're trying to create?"

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