Beer Can Coolies

Written by Jill Morrison
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Beer can coolies are designed to keep your beer cold while keeping your hands warm. They are typically made from neoprene, thick foam, or other insulating materials. The insulated foam is similar to wet suit material. It is believed that coolies were originally developed in Australia where surfers and wetsuits are prevalent.

Capabilities of Beer Can Coolies

Beer coolies are usually bendable or stretchy. They can be stored easily and some are even collapsible. Coolies can be found in a variety of colors and with logos, pictures, or text printed on the outside. Many companies offer coolies with personalized messages, slogans, or logos printed on them as well. Then, beer drinkers can show their personality with the messages that they have printed on their beer coolies.

Beer can coolies are a great alternative to coasters. After you place one on a beer can, you will no longer have to worry about beer can rings on your coffee table. You can also place your beer anywhere, without worrying about using the same coaster every time you set the beer down. Coolies are functional, practical, and can be a stylish addition to any home.

There are a few different styles of beer can coolies to choose from. Many of them are designed for sports fans since beer drinking is common practice at many sports events and parties. Some coolies are printed with specific sports team logos or team colors. Others refer to types of sports in general. You can even find jersey coolies which are designed to be worn by a beer and zip up the side.

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