Beer Can Holders

Written by Jill Morrison
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Beer can holders are designed to fit around beer cans to keep them cool. They are made from insulating materials such as foam or neoprene. In addition to keeping your beer cool, they will also keep your hands warm. Can holders are usually called "coolies," but they may also be known as "huggers," "chillers," "coolers," or "koozies."

Qualities of Beer Can Holders

Beer can holders, or coolies, are desirable for sporting events, parties, and for lounging around the house. Coolies are often a replacement for coasters because they are much more functional and practical. In addition to insulating your beverage and keeping your hands warm, they can be placed on any table without worrying about the formation of beer can rings. With coolies, you can also place your beverage cans anywhere on a table instead of trying to place them on the same coasters each time.

Beer can holders can be found in many different styles. Some are collapsible or can be folded for easy storage. Some coolies have a hand strap so they can be held and carried easily, without worrying about the possibility of spilling. Most have a simple circular design, but some coolies are cut into specific shapes. For instance, some may be designed as sports jerseys that can zip up the side of your beer can.

To make sure that no one else drinks you beer, you can have your can holder personalized. You can customize coolies with names, slogans, logos, or pictures. You can also find coolies that represent your favorite sports teams or activities. Customized coolies also make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions.

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