Business Gifts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Business gifts can be given to potential customers, employees, valuable clients, or to the general public. When given out to the public and to prospective customers, they are known as promotional gifts. These gifts consist of small products that have company names or logos printed on them. Gifts for employees or clients may also have company information printed on them, but they are usually larger and more elaborate than promotional gifts.

Possibilities for Business Gifts

Most companies will choose business gifts according to their budgets and who will be receiving the gifts. Promotional gifts are generally small and inexpensive items because companies will purchase them in bulk amounts. Their purpose is to increase awareness for the company and to then increase sales. Some options of promotional gifts include pens, magnets, mini letter openers, small calendars, and bottle openers with company logos printed on them.

When companies are choosing business gifts for employees, they will often consider products that relate to the company or working in general. Imprinted calculators, mouse pads, clocks, and calendars are great employee gifts because they are very useful in most business settings. Some companies will purchase creative items such as imprinted stress balls for employee gifts. Stress balls, mouse pads, paper cubes and many other products can also be customized with special materials or may be cut into specific shapes that relate to the company.

Business gifts can be very helpful for maintaining relationships with valuable clients. Each time you send gifts to clients, they will be reminded of your company and will have newfound respect for your practice. Business gifts should be of higher quality than promotional gifts. Small, inexpensive gifts such as pens and notepads are not usually appreciated by clients. Imprinted clothing items, glassware, coffee mugs, tote bags, appointment books, and deluxe calculators are great options for client gifts.

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