Business Logo Pens

Written by James Lyons
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Business logo pens are among the most common business promotional items in use. Why do so many companies use business logo pens? One would think that this idea would have run its course by now. The fact of the matter is that business logo pens are effective promotional items because recipients can use them. Unlike other promotional items, pens can be used for a long time.

Have you ever been at your desk in your home office, needed a pen, rummaged through your pen holder, and found some pen with a business logo on it. You look at the logo and try to remember when and where you got the pen. You may or may not recognize the company name. The company who provided that pen has managed to build awareness of its company with a simple little pen.

Business Logo Pens Build Awareness

Awareness is the key to sales. Your audience needs to be aware of your company. Potential employees need to be aware of your company. Good suppliers need to be aware of your company. Promotional materials are excellent awareness building tools, the most common of which is the business logo pen.

Necessity items make for great promotional materials. Think about what your clients do in their daily lives. Do they need pens? Do they drink coffee? Do they read magazines or play sports? The answers to these and other questions will help you design effective promotional materials to give to existing clients and potential customers. Try to be original, but don't get so clever that you pass on the proven items.

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