Cheap Imprinted Pens

Written by James Lyons
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If you're having a trade show, career fair, sales promotion, or corporate event, cheap imprinted pens are an excellent tool to have on hand. At events like these, it's important to have promotional items your visitors, customers, candidates, and/or clients can use. It's a perfect way to promote your company and offer a contribution at the same time. Three days later, a possible customer could very well use your pen and decide to give your business a call.

Believe it or not, that happens every single day. I recently reserved a hotel room with the Radisson because I had a pen with their phone number on it. You never know. Promotional items like this help companies build and maintain images with their target consumer markets and their target employee markets.

Distributing Cheap Imprinted Company Pens

If your business chooses to get cheap imprinted pens, make sure the employees have them and use them. Give them a few extra so they can bring them home and give them to friends. Even if your company's initial reason for buying the pens is to supplement a career fair, you should make a point to order extra for your employees. Promotional products are an excellent way to create a specific corporate environment.

Have plenty of these pens in supply and don't miss an opportunity to give them away. It's a subtle way to saturate the market with your company name. It's market saturation in the form of a contribution. People always need pens. If you're a manager, have some in your car, at your home, and in your briefcase. Have cheap imprinted pens in your desk, in your suit pockets, and in your lobby.

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