Cigar Boxes

Written by Jill Morrison
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Cigar boxes are similar to cigar tins because they are designed to store and protect cigars. However, there is one major difference between tins and boxes. Cigar tins are used to protect cigars during transportation and boxes are used to protect cigars in one place, for a long period of time. There are many different types of boxes that you could use to store your cigars.

Types of Cigar Boxes

There are a few different types of cigar boxes that you could consider purchasing. If you enjoy a particular cigar brand, you could purchase a cigar box that is printed with the logo from that brand. You can also choose to purchase a simple cigar box that would be appropriate for any type of cigar. These boxes may be decorated with certain colors, wood, metal, fabric, or any material that you desire.

A customized cigar box may be used as a personalized gift or by avid cigar smokers. They can also be made as promotional products for a business. Cigar boxes can be printed with a variety of images or text options. You can choose from a small cigar box which holds seven small cigars, a medium box which holds 12 cigars, or a large box which holds 24 large cigars.

A cigar box is most commonly used to store cigars, but it can also be used as a collector's item. Many people do not smoke cigars often, but appreciate the appearance of an antique cigar box. You can find authentic, antique boxes or customize your own cigar box for this purpose. These boxes can be used as a decoration, or to hold small objects such as spare change, spices, jewelry, or candy.

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