Cigar Tins

Written by Jill Morrison
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Cigar tins can be used as gifts, collector's items, for storing special cigars, or for transporting cigars without causing any damage to the cigars. There was a time when almost every cigar smoker would carry their cigars around with them in tins. Tins were originally made to house particular types of cigars, but today they can be made for numerous purposes.

Uses for Cigar Tins

The most obvious purpose for a cigar tin is to store and protect cigars. Tins can be made to store large or smaller versions of cigars. Many people prefer to use the smaller tins because they are easier to transport. Cigar tins are typically only used to transport cigars. If you are looking for a place to store cigars permanently, you may want to consider purchasing a special cigar box instead.

Cigar tins are often purchased as collector's items. You can find a variety of antique tins for sale in certain stores and in auctions. Many people are custom-making tins in new or antique styles as well. A custom-made cigar tin is a great gift idea for a family member or friend who appreciates cigar smoking.

A cigar tin may be used to store other objects instead of cigars. Some will need a place to store cigar wrappers that they have collected. Tins can also be used to hold spare change, jewelry, tools or small parts, or any other collection of small objects. When tins are used for this purpose, you may want to consider creating a custom cigar tin. You can have tins printed with certain pictures or text to reflect the purpose of the tin or to reveal the identity of the cigar tin gift recipient.

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