Collapsible Beverage Insulators

Written by Jill Morrison
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Collapsible beverage insulators are bendy covers for you beer or soda cans. They are typically made from neoprene or insulating foam. They can be collapsed or folded for easy storage or transportation. Even after folding or bending, collapsible insulators will pop right back into their original shape for the next instance that you want to use them.

Features of Collapsible Beverage Insulators

Collapsible beverage insulators are also known as "can holders" or "can coolies." They are designed to fit snugly around any beverage can to keep it cool for an extended period of time. Beverage insulators are also desirable because they will keep hands warm and protected from condensation while you are holding beverage cans.

Some can holders, or coolies, will not fit into cup holders or certain coolers. These can holders are made from thick insulating foam, so they become very wide when placed on a beverage can. You can choose collapsible coolies that are made from neoprene, if you are concerned with using a cup holder or small cooler. Neoprene coolies are made from materials that are similar to wetsuits for surfers.

Collapsible beverage insulators can be customized with printed logos, slogans, pictures, names, or messages. Often times, custom screen printed coolies will keep beverage cans cooler than plain color coolies. Coolies usually have a classic, circular design, but some are cut into unique shapes such as footballs or sports jerseys.

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