College Lanyards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Lanyards are everywhere these days at college campuses. It's now popular for sports team members to hang lanyards from their equipment bags. The more they collect, the more they are able to display. College marketers send them to prospective students; high school students are proud to wear their future school colors around town.

If you're a fan of a particular college sports team, you will want to own a lanyard or two from that school. That's what makes them so popular at sporting events. They're often seen when coaches and referees use them to hold whistles. However, many college students like to wear their school colors around their necks--they use lanyards to hold their keys or ID badges and keep the items readily accessible.

Uses for College Lanyards

Lanyards are used at colleges to hold keys, cell phones, pens, whistles, and ID badges. In addition to being functional, college lanyards are great advertising for colleges. You can promote your event, club or other organization, class reunion, or school fundraiser by printing a custom message on lanyards. Lanyards offer high visibility and repeat exposure.

They also have a high perceived value, and college students are likely to continue using their lanyards, or displaying them, long after the event is over. Another option for lanyard use is holding water bottles. The water bottles themselves may contain a promotional message and the lanyards reinforce the message with a company or school name or logo. These, too, are likely to be reused after the event is over.

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