Colored Plastic Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Adding color to a plastic bag can greatly increase businesses' chances of having their names seen by consumers. Most retailers have some kind of customized bag that they give to consumers. Some are adorned with a name while others have logos, addresses, and phone numbers printed on them, as well. However, when shoppers are passing each other in droves, basic white or clear bags can easily go unnoticed.

Colored bags can attract attention. It might not even be a conscious act, but if a person sees a colored bag out of the corner of his eye, there is a good chance he'll take a closer look at it. Once he does, he will see a name and logo, and he will be forced to have at least a fleeting thought about the store that the bag came from. In areas that are flooded with shoppers, this can lead to quite a bit of business.

Choosing the Right Colored Plastic Bags

There are different schools of thought when it comes to designing a marketing item such as a shopping bag. Many believe the color should simply catch a person's eye. Others believe that the color, on some level, should represent the store. For instance, a chocolatier could choose a bag color that evokes images of chocolate.

Regardless of which way a business chooses to go, it should have a number of design options. The best printing services will have several colors available. They will also offer a wide range of bag shapes and styles.

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