Company Custom Polo Shirts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Company custom polo shirts are an appropriate gift in many situations. You can use them to reward employees or to thank business associates for referrals. Polo shirts are dressier than t-shirts, but still casual enough to wear anywhere. Whenever somebody wears your company custom polo shirts, people will see your logo and recognize your brand.

Embroidering Company Custom Polo Shirts

Company custom polo shirts are usually embroidered with a logo or company name on the left breast. It's a subtle way to get your name out to people. Also, it's not as flashy as some t-shirt designs are, so if you want to present a more conservative image, polo shirts are the way to go.

Because of their weave, polo shirts aren't really good to print on. Silk screening works best on flatter materials like t-shirts. But you can certainly have a logo or company name embroidered onto a polo shirt and your message will be just as effective.

Some businesses sell their polo shirts and other logo merchandise. It's a way to increase income while you increase your visibility and name recognition. Many people would pay top dollar for name brand apparel, so why not brand it with your name?

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