Company Logo Pens

Written by Linda Alexander
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Company logo pens are another inexpensive, easy to produce promotional item. Almost everyone uses pens in his or her daily life. From signing a credit card receipt to taking notes during class, pens are found in the hands of millions of Americans each day.

Measuring Advertising Impact with Company Logo Pens

One of the best ways to know if your promotional products are worthwhile is to evaluate whether people use them or not. Company logo pens get used. Putting a bucket of company logo pens out on your retail or banking counter, or providing them wherever people need to write, is an excellent way to build brand recognition.

There are hundreds of styles of company logo pens available. You might choose to go with a simple stick ball point pen, if you plan on giving out thousands. For a more special gift, you could go with a gold or silver pen and pencil set engraved with someone's initials.

Highlighters, fountain pens, personalized pencils, and felt tips are some other ideas if you want to go with a pen theme. Browse through an ad specialties catalog to see the many choices out there. Remember, the more people who use your pens on a daily basis, the more they will recognize your company name and logo.

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