Company Promotional Products

Written by James Lyons
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How can you improve employee retention? How can you improve customer retention? Several hundred books have been written on this subject. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent researching employee motivational models and customer retention strategies. Every company wants to know what works. Human beings can be so darn complicated. Why can't people simply stay with one job and customers stay with one store?

Employees and consumers have so many options these days. That's the problem many businesses face. Even large corporations face the dilemma of increased competition which is why there has been a huge trend towards vertical integration. Competitors are merging so they can create economies of scale and bring in more customers. Even as large corporations get larger through their mergers, other competitors are still sprouting.

Competition Creates Issues

This competition poses two issues. The first is a problem of customers--getting customers, stealing customers and keeping customers. The second is an issue of employees--getting the best employees, stealing employees and keeping employees. You don't want your top performers leaving your business to go work with your biggest competitor. Giving out company promotional products is one tactic many businesses have been using over the years to address the aforementioned issues.

These items--company logo pens, company logo shirts, corporate logo mugs--increase a company's visibility and play a role in employee retention. Employees want to feel proud of their company and their jobs and promotional items are food for that pride. An employee's pride can lead to, and often does lead to increased customer retention.

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