Contest Administration

Written by Linda Alexander
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Contest administration must be legal. Therefore, it's helpful to hire an agency to administer the contest for you, or at least to consult legal counsel in order to run the contest effectively. Don't let this intimidate you, though; contests and sweepstakes are effective ways to get attention to your product, drive sales, build your brand, and learn about your prospects and clients.

To begin, think about why you'd like to run a contest. Do you know your objectives for contest administration? Are you running a contest or sweepstakes to increase sales, loyalty, or visibility? Will you do it offline or online, or both? How about the prizes--will they be your own products, or will you have somebody sponsor it? Do you want this contest to entice your customers to buy your product, buy it more often, or learn to recognize your brand?

Why Should You Outsource Contest Administration?

Marketing agencies can also help you avoid some of the downsides to contest administration. There are mailings or online promotion, data entry, advertising and printing. There is also winner notification and prize fulfillment. If you want help with any of these, consult an agency. You might also need help with logistics or strategizing.

Your prizes must also be available to be won, and certain jurisdictions require certain security procedures to be legal. How will you know all of this? It can be tricky. That is why contest administration is often outsourced. If you aren't sure of all the details in your particular location, then read up on the subject, consult a lawyer, or hire an outside firm to run your contest or sweepstakes.

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