Corporate Giveaways

Written by Jill Morrison
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Corporate giveaways are a great method for promoting a company or type of business. Every time a company gives away free products, people will have a positive impression of the values represented by that company. In addition to receiving admiration and respect, companies can generate interest in the company and its products. Corporate giveaways are great for increasing general awareness for companies as well.

Corporate Giveaway Options

Many different types of products can be used for corporate giveaways. Some popular choices include t shirts, hats, pens, pencils, and magnets. These items can be made inexpensively and can be purchased for discount prices when ordered in bulk amounts. Companies will often print their company names and logos onto products as a form of advertising. Every time these company products are worn or used, the company names that are printed on them are promoted.

If you are willing to spend more on products in order to provide more impressive giveaway products, you may want to consider glassware. Coffee mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and travel cups are practical and memorable promotional gifts. Because many Americans drink coffee daily, coffee mugs and travel cups can be great promotional tools. The companies printed on coffee mugs can be noticed every time a cup of coffee is enjoyed.

Some companies prefer to give unique gifts for corporate giveaways. Some possibilities include hot plates, cork screws, paper cubes, mouse pads, stress balls, and travel calculators. Unique designs of these products are also available for customization. For example, you may think that customized mouse pads are a standard item, but some mouse pads can be made from interesting materials or may be cut into specific shapes. Liquid motion mouse pads are the current rage because they are filled with liquid and may have floaters or glitter drifting through the mouse pads.

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