Corporate Golf Shirts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Corporate golf shirts have taken the business world by storm. The ubiquitous golf shirt has shown up everywhere from auto parts stores to spas to business casual offices. From outfitting staff at trade shows to retail uniforms, corporate golf shirts are an appropriate promo for almost any situation or event.

Everything from company picnics to expensive trade show giveaways to company-sponsored golf tournaments can benefit from a logo shirt. The style has become a business uniform over the last few years, and promotional products distributors have taken notice. There are now more fabrics, colors, and styles available than ever.

Choosing Corporate Golf Shirts

There are also more places to buy them than ever. A quality ad-specialties distributor is your best bet, because they know marketing and are established in the industry. Or, you can buy them wholesale and have them embroidered somewhere else. Keep in mind that the biggest difference between manufacturers and qualities is the fabric. Naturally, a better fabric will cost more.

Higher quality corporate golf shirts will have more collar options, such as collars that don't roll or wilt. They will also have more generous cuts and double-stitched seams. Be careful when choosing shirts that the colors won't change or run after washing.

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