Corporate Holiday Cards

Written by James Lyons
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The holidays are an opportunity for corporations to elevate their employees. For many people, the holidays elicit feelings of loss and depression. Those of us who have lost friends and family have a hard time when the holidays roll around. The last thing we want to feel is a lack of appreciation at our workplaces. For many employees, their colleagues are their only real family.

Sometimes a card is the most effective gift. One year, when I was strapped for money, I bought all my friends and family cards because I couldn't afford gifts. I let them all know how much they meant to me. I spent around $20 on individual cards. Many of the recipients still tell me that my cards were the best gifts they've ever received from me. I wish I'd known that all along. I could have saved thousands of dollars.

Corporate Holiday Cards Are Powerful

Corporate holiday cards are incredibly valuable tools. They're cheap and easy and the results are usually extraordinary. Remember, many people don't even get calls on Christmas from their fathers or best friends. It really means something to those employees when they get a card from their employer.

Keep the cards simple, but try to be personal. If you're a manager overseeing a large staff, make a point to sign all the cards even if it kills your hand. Your staff will notice. If you have a small staff of employees, write something personal in all the corporate holiday cards. Let them know how much their work means to you. The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to create a feeling of unity and family within your business.

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