Corporate Logo Merchandise

Written by James Lyons
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One of my favorite shirts is a long sleeve shirt I was given for participating in a corporate charity event. I no longer work with that company but I still wear that shirt several times a month. It's a nice piece of corporate logo merchandise. Several times a month, I'm a walking advertisement for my former employer. This company created promotional material worth wearing.

I won't mention the name of this company because my overall experience with this business wasn't great. That still doesn't prevent me from wearing the shirt. Every week I'm generating awareness and increasing visibility for a company I no longer work with. That is the power of distributing worthwhile corporate logo merchandise to your employees. Your workers become living marketing tools.

Human Ads

Your customers can also be a form of advertising. That's the way I look at business promotional products. It's human advertising. If done right, it will last longer than a commercial and much longer than a magazine ad. There's also a human being attached to the merchandise, a person capable of offering a real life, genuine referral to your place of business. That's why I suggest giving out corporate logo merchandise that you would actually use.

That doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend your entire marketing budget on promotional materials. It does mean, however, that there are business promotional products that could potentially be a waste of money for your company. The more you know about your employees and customers, the more effective you can be at selecting your promotional materials. That's the value of marketing research.

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