Corporate Logo Mugs

Written by James Lyons
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The best way to attract and retain customers is to hypnotize them. Literally brainwashing people is a wonderful way to get repeat customers. Use the power of hypnosis to make people believe you are selling them the fountain of youth even if you're selling grease-filled tacos full of lard and carcinogens. I'm kidding. There are more subtle ways of "manipulating" your markets--corporate logo mugs for instance.

What if all the employees in your division drank out of mugs with the company logo on them? Imagine all these people taking the mugs home. Imagine them sitting at the table drinking coffee with their husbands and wives, friends and family members. Imagine neighbors coming over drinking hot tea out of mugs carrying your company's corporate logo.

How Corporate Merchandise Can Work

That's advertising. Even if people don't consciously notice, they notice on an unconscious level. It happens every day. Over the holidays, my mother purchased a shirt for me from a trendy clothing store normally reserved for people much younger than she is. I loved the shirt, but I was curious what propelled her to shop at such a young, trendy place. She said she felt an impulse to go in and look.

Two days later I noticed a magnet brandishing that store's logo. It was on the refrigerator supporting a couple of Polaroid pictures. My mother doesn't even remember how she got the magnet. It had been on the refrigerator for months. The human mind retains a ton of information. Much of this information retreats to the recesses of the mind but still influences our decisions in a very subconscious way.

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