Corporate Marketing Gifts

Written by James Lyons
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The start of a new year is a great time to assess the effectiveness of your marketing materials. Did your corporate marketing gifts build awareness and visibility? Are customers running to your company or running away from it? I suggest building in measuring sticks that will enable you to make these assessments. Surveys and questionnaires are excellent tools you can use to assess the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

In addition, corporate marketing gifts should be given to your company's best customers. Your "A-list" customers who have revealed their loyalty through repeat business should be acknowledged with corporate marketing gifts. Make sure these gifts are hand delivered to these clients, especially if your client is another business. You don't want your gift getting lost among the others that client receives.

Getting the Right Corporate Gift

It's also possible to distribute various grades of corporate marketing gifts. You can get a set of custom coffee mugs for your tier three clients, custom embroidered caps for your tier two clients, and custom golf equipment for your tier one "A-list" clients. These are just a few suggestions, but the idea is to reward the best customers with the best gifts.

Avoid getting gifts that don't have your company logo on it. These days you can buy anything and put your company logo on it. If you give a corporate gift that does not have your company's corporate logo displayed on it, chances are the recipient of that gift will forget who gave it to him. Corporate gifts are also an opportunity to promote your business. You can keep a customer and get new ones with a well chosen gift.

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