Corporate Merchandise

Written by James Lyons
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Consumers get a little sick of corporate merchandise. Everywhere we go, we get bombarded with pamphlets, key chains, brochures, magnets, postcards, and buttons. Most of us throw this stuff away. We don't read the brochures and we don't use the key chains. Billions of dollars are wasted every year on ineffective corporate merchandise.

For some reason, many marketing executives feel like they have to pump out corporate merchandise. It's just something companies do. We have to bombard people with buttons and cheap pens so we can increase visibility and acquire new customers. This strategy does work for a number of great businesses. They saturate the public with their promotional items hoping to land a few customers.

The Shotgun Approach

This approach, which is often reserved for commercial advertising, is commonly referred to as the shotgun approach to marketing. A shotgun shell sprays out pellets when it's triggered. The pellets cover a large area allowing you a little more flexibility when it comes to hitting the target. As long as you aim in the general direction of the target, you're likely to hit it. The same rationale applies to this form of marketing.

If you spray your corporate merchandise all over the public, you are bound to hit a few customers. If you hand out 10,000 brochures, 500 people might read them, and 50 might buy the products and/or services described in the brochure. It's a numbers game. This numbers game will work in your favor as long as you distribute merchandise that's inexpensive and easily disseminated.

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