Corporate Promotional Items

Written by James Lyons
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What exactly does "promotion" mean in a business context? In the most basic terms, promotion, often referred to in the business world as "marketing communication" is the way in which companies communicate with their customers. Customers can take on a number of different forms. The word "customers" encompasses end users of the products as well as intermediaries like distributors, retailers, salesmen, and advertising agencies.

When ordering corporate promotional items, it's important to know who these items are for. If you plan on running a consumer promotion, then your corporate promotional items should say something about your company's products. In fact, a consumer promotion might actually involve giving potential customers a sample of your company's product. You see people doing this in grocery stores every day--giving people free samples of certain foods.

More on Corporate Promotional Items

You can also design and order corporate promotional items for your internal sales force. You can use this stuff as incentives for your sales staff to perform. If you do this, I suggest getting items that are worth winning. Sun visors and socks might not do the trick. I personally would need a little more than that as an incentive to boost my efforts.

Your business should also have promotional items that it distributes freely to everyone in the company. Every employee should have a corporate logo mug or something like it. They should all have corporate logo pens and other office materials brandishing the company's name. In fact, they should have some extra to give to their friends and families. Your employees are powerful forms of promotion for your business.

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