Counter Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Choosing a supplier for your counter cards is serious business. Your main concern should not be on price, but on how much money they are going to make for you! A point-of-purchase supplier should know your business well. You know it, but do they? Make sure they aren't looking to use your company name to boost their portfolio, but are actually interested in boosting your sales.

So many purchasing decisions are made in the store, and at the last minute. Haven't we all made so many impulse buys? Counter cards are highly effective at persuading prospects to buy your product--now. Capitalizing on those quick decisions requires skill. Don't leave the copy and artwork up to an incompetent agency.

Choosing Suppliers for Counter Cards

When choosing a supplier or agency for counter cards, talk to their current and former customers. Find out how well the company was able to boost their revenue with the counter display. Was the supplier or agency able to handle the volume needed? How often did they use that supplier?

As with all business relationships, know upfront how they work, and how they like to be paid. The person you deal with should have the authority to make changes as you need them, without having to jump through hoops to get there. Your display should be simple to set up, and your contact should also be able to fix any problems that occur in the field, quickly. If not, move to the next company on your list until you find the right one to do a point of purchase display for you.

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