Custom Baseball Caps

Written by James Lyons
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My earliest memories from childhood are of trips with my dad to Houston Astros baseball games at the Houston Astrodome. He and I would throw on our baseball caps, drive downtown, sit in the cheap seats and inhale hotdogs, soda and popcorn. To this day, I still wear baseball caps nearly every day. No, I'm not bald or balding; I just like wearing hats.

Having worked in several corporate environments, I've seen a million different promotional ploys. I've seen custom rubber balls with corporate logos. I've seen cheap jewelry with corporate logos. I've even seen toilet paper with corporate logos. One of the best business promotional products I've seen, however, was a well-made custom baseball cap.

The Power of Hats

The company I was working with originally made the custom baseball caps for its company softball team. Well, everyone in the company liked these hats, so the people in marketing decided to put out an order for more hats. Eventually, everyone in the company was wearing these hats. I still have mine and I still use it when I work out in the gym. Again, I am a walking advertisement for my former employer.

Moreover, these custom baseball hats really helped the managers build teams within the company. After I left the company (I changed careers), I heard through a former colleague that the managers started designing their own hats for their own teams. Teams developed within the company. The sales teams competed with each other. The winners were awarded during the quarterly meetings. Since I left, that company's revenues have more than doubled.

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