Custom Beer Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom beer mugs can be created for home bars or for restaurants and pubs. In restaurants and pubs, glass beer mugs allow room for a generous head of foam. The thick glass also keeps beer cold. Custom mugs can be displayed in home bars and used for parties and special occasions. Custom mugs are a popular choice for Super Bowl parties and other sports gatherings.

Sometimes, in home bars and in restaurants, beer mugs can be chilled in the freezer prior to serving. In general, it's best for bars to avoid this because excessively chilling beer causes a loss of flavor. However, if you are serving other beverages besides beer in your mugs, a chilled glass can be a nice touch. You can serve beverages such as sodas, ice water, root beer floats, iced tea, iced coffee, and sangria in chilled beer mugs.

Designing Custom Beer Mugs

Custom beer mugs can be designed with company logos, sports team logos, classic cars, cartoon characters, vintage designs, animals, military symbols, school mascots, and music band logos. You can also print text onto mugs, such as names, initials, personal messages, jokes, or slogans. When ordering custom mugs for families, you can print the family last name on a set of mugs, or personalize each mug with the first names of family members.

Custom beer mugs are a common choice for restaurants and pubs. The name and logo for the restaurant can be printed on each beer mug. Mugs can then be displayed around the bar and used for serving beers to customers. Customized beer mugs also make great promotional gifts for large companies at corporate events.

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