Custom Beer Mugs

Written by James Lyons
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Custom beer mugs are great for those clients who like doing business the old-fashioned way--in a dingy pub, in the back room, with cigars and pints of beer. A number of business professionals still like doing business this way. The business relationships are more personal and the loyalty is often much stronger.

If your company has clients like this, perhaps you should have some custom beer mugs on hand. Beer mugs are personal gifts that carry a personal message. In most cases, people don't give beer mugs to people they've never met or had a drink with. Beer mugs are intimate gifts, one that suggests a history between the people exchanging gifts. If you want to create that kind of rapport with your clients, gifts like this will help.

Buying Custom Beer Mugs

Custom beer mugs also make great gifts for your friends and family. Pick what you want to put on the mug, and have it custom made. I have a custom beer mug that has an old Irish toast on it. I think that's appropriate considering the reputation of the Irish. Some say they're the best writers and the strongest drinkers. I'm Irish--I should know.

If you have clients you want to impress or an old college buddy you want to surprise, custom beer mugs make an interesting gift option. If you'd like to get a beer mug for a friend you haven't communicated with in a while, make sure he or she still drinks. You don't want to buy someone a gift they have no use for, and you especially don't want to buy a gift someone might resent.

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