Custom Can Holders

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom can holders are designed to insulate soda or beer cans. Can holders are also known as "koozies," "can coolers," "chillers," "huggers," and many other names, but "coolies" tends to be the most popular name for them. Coolies are designed to keep your can of soda or beer cool for a longer period of time. In addition to keeping your drink cool, they will also keep your hands warm while you are holding a beverage can.

Choosing Custom Can Holders

When choosing custom can holders, you will have a variety of color, print, and style options. Coolies are typically made from insulating foam or neoprene which is stretchy and bendable. They are light and can be stored or transported easily. Some coolies are also collapsible so you can store them anywhere. You can also choose from thin or thick foam for can holders.

Though red, black, and white are the most common colors for custom can holders, you can also find them in nearly every other color in the spectrum. Coolies can be purchased in a blank color, or you can find them with catchy slogans, pictures, or messages printed on the outside. Most can holder companies allow you to customize coolies with personal messages or pictures.

You can customize coolies depending on who will be using them. If you are purchasing one for your own collection, you can use your favorite slogan and colors. Coolies are a popular gift item as well, especially when you can customize them to fit the personality of friends or family members. Coolies are suitable for sports events, parties, restaurants, pubs, and for general use in any home.

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