Custom Candle

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Custom candles make wonderful gifts. They're both fun and functional. With the rise of aromatherapy, scented candles have become particularly desirable. Candles add glamour to the dining table, warmth to the living room, and decadence to the bath. They are an appropriate gift for people of all ages, for a variety of occasions.

Custom Candles for Promotional Use

Custom candles are a great way to support or promote your group, team, or company. You can have your logo or name printed onto the custom candle holder. This looks great no matter what kind of candle you choose. Logos look terrific printed on apothecary jars, glass holders, or metal holders. Metal votive holders look particularly slick and impressive when imprinted with logos and used as promotional products.

Consider promoting with scented votives in travel tins. Travel candles are simple, effective travel items. How often have you wound up in a musty, or even smoky hotel room? You ask to transfer to another room, but it's just as stale smelling. Travel candles help make your hotel room smell sweet, and better still, make it smell like home. After a long day of travel, nothing feels as good as relaxing in a hot bath in your hotel room with a few promotional travel candles burning softly.

Don't settle for the ordinary when it comes to buying candles. Explore the extraordinary! This can include candles in coffee mugs, or candles in tiny push tins. How about a candle in a jumbo silver heart? Find a promo company worth its salt, and they should have dozens of candles to choose from, all of which are excellent quality.

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