Custom Caps

Written by James Lyons
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Does your business have any company sports teams your employees can join? Studies among large corporations indicate that those businesses with casual sports teams--company softball teams, basketball teams, volleyball teams, and flag football teams--experience better productivity and a greater willingness among the employees to work in teams on the job. If you want to put together a company sports team, start by ordering some custom caps.

Consulting companies make millions every year counseling managers on team-building and unity. They have a number of different exercises and programs for managers and their staffs. I've participated in a few of these team-building workshops. All of them worked for about three weeks. After that initial three weeks, the lessons we learned soon faded into the recesses of our minds and joined high school geometry and world history, adding to our junkyards of knowledge.

The Dream Team

These seminars did serve a purpose and they did help. I don't discount them. However, the most powerful team-building program I participated in was a company softball team. Our team was terrible, but we had a great time and we cheered one another on. We encouraged each other and applauded effort, determination, and, of course, teamwork.

This attitude transcended the softball field. It was present in the workplace. My colleagues and I developed a kinship with one another. There were tangible results apart from the great interpersonal relationships. Our productivity dwarfed other divisions within the same company because we had a personal stake in one another. We all wanted everyone in the department to do well and we were willing to put in the time and effort for our colleagues, our teammates.

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